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I LOVE SPREADSHEETS. I've used them just about everyday for the past 20 years. 

I believe the ability to use, edit, and create spreadsheets to be one of the most useful and easily attainable skills around. Add in macros and there's little that can't be done with a powerful spreadsheet program. Now you may be thinking, well, of course, it's useful, for an Accountant!  And, well, you would be correct. 

While both word processing and spreadsheet programs may be considered as staples of administrative professionals, there are many uses for spreadsheets in many professions. What if you are a department head (in any industry) needing to routinely gather and organize information for your area in an effortless way? Or to streamline your process so that it occurs and flows seamlessly each and every cycle while returning the information you deem important, and all without creating any extra work at the end of your reporting cycle? 

What if you are a small or new business owner with limited resources? And you need a financial software system or could periodically use the services of a number cruncher but can't afford either just yet. With a powerfull spreadsheet program, such as Microsoft Excel (no affliation), and a few useful spreadsheet skills to go along, you may be able to get by, just a little longer, without the use of an expensive system or without hiring additional staff and still get all that you require. 

A spreadsheet software program, such as Excel, could fill in for a much more expensive financial software program. Moreover, it is always an exceptionally strong and useful tool when accompanying any financial software program, from the small and simplistic to very large and complex. 

I have often utilized spreadsheet forms to assist with various aspects of my work and have often designed and/or created those forms myself from scratch. I find that while creating a form I not only employ a number of spreadsheet skills, including macros, of course, but I also end up completing the project with newly acquired skills. 

While this site will offer regular tips and "how to's", I will also walk through the creation of various forms, as a way to learn and put various spreadsheet skills to use quickly. 

Sounds unreasonable, you say? Well, I wouldn't say so if I hadn't used spreadsheets successfully in just these ways during my career

I love spreadsheets!

Paying it Forward!

If you find this site helpful, interesting or even enjoyable, please tell others and come back soon.

It is intended that this site will present business process tips, business startup information and everything spreadsheet – creation, editing, macros, forms design…..

Hope you ultimately find useful information for your business / work endeavors, learn a new skill or even start a new business. Find AJaGi~ on Twitter and Wordpress too.

My way of giving back! 

Paying It Forward
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